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Hi everyone! I've had a lot of questions and comments asking when I'll be opening Homestuck Horn orders. The answer to that is, I probably will not be unless I'm able to get in to artist alley at conventions. This is partly due to the fact that I've had some negative experiences with doing the Horns. However, there's also been A LOT of amazingly kind and wonderful people. I've still been ignored by Hussie when I've requested about 4 times to at least be mentioned as their third party merchant so I was subject to much verbal abuse with threats of finding me at cons, breaking my horns, reporting me to get sued by Rachel, and telling me to kill myself. All of which could of been avoided had they come out and said I was okayed by them. But, that's all in the past.

Again, if I'm able to get in to any artist alley's in the future, that will most likely be the only place I will sell the Homestuck Horns while still keeping 45% of each pair sold for Hussie since that was our overall agreement. The reason I keep planning things like that for the future is because it's a goal to keep in my sights.

The biggest reason is that by the end of Feb or March, my parents are selling the house and leaving for Arizona. I'm unable to go with them per their request. They wish to live out their days alone together in retirement so I will be out on the own. However, I have no car and no home once that happens. This is sort of kicking the baby bird out of the nest. I'm still suffering from a broke spinal disk and unable to hold a job because of severe pain that paralyzes me when the pinching gets bad. Yet doctors still won't do anything to help other than giving me more pain killers.

I've been trying not to think of the future.  Being homeless is something I dread and Bruce's step-mom refused to even let us come near their house to camp or sleep over.

I've also been selling off some of my goods, even so far as selling my God Tier Jade planets. If you're interested in them, please check this post since  they are still for sale.…
I've already sold my  desktop computer, some of my copic markers, some of my pens and prismacolor pencils. I will eventually have to sell my tablet, watercolors and other personal items to get money to keep me on my feet. As an artist this kind of kills me to be selling the things that make me happy.  But, it's time to be a adult and go out in to the world.

I also have a redbubble that has shirts and stickers I've done [mostly RWBY and my vectors] and the money helps to me saving up to at least afford a motel until I'm able to find somewhere to live.

I also have a paypal donation. My paypal is soundninjakin[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thank you everyone for everything. If I disappear from this site and no updates occur, please don't worry.
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InvaderPoog Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's horrible, I wish I had money to help :c  I hope things get better for you
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Submitted on
February 8, 2014